Across the Road Close-up

It has dried out enough to take the dogs walking again. I haven’t taken my camera lately because it’s cold and I have three leashes and the Ball Thrower Thing and my hands are too cold. (Don’t laugh if you live where it snows. I’m still cold.) Rusty wrote a post about his perspective of the latest walks. Here is what I see when I walk with the iPhone.

You know those gloves with the special fingers that are supposed to let you use your phone even with the gloves on? I have some too:



Do you know what I think when I see these photos? Or when I’m looking at the ground while taking the photos? What if these were satellite photos and these were mountain ranges? Can you see that?



The rain has started things growing. This is in a huge patch of thistles.


There are a few mustard flowers blooming already.


Perspective again. What if that little red rock in the hole was really a house? Then those cracks are canyons.



Uh oh! That perspective thing would make this a very scary photo indeed! Raccoonzilla.


Speaking of another perspective. Three dogs and me.



2 thoughts on “Across the Road Close-up

  1. I HATE thistles… and I think we have ‘Canadian’ type thistles in my neighborhood (with the snow and cold… it was 9 here this morning!) in north-central Iowa (south of Webster CIty in the country). The acres around our 3 acres was in “CRP” for about 8 years (and then the land sold due to owner’s death), but what they planted for CRP had thistles in it!!! I’ve been battling them since 2007, and every year I have to get the poison out and kill about 100 of them over the summer that have rooted themselves from nearby ditches, etc… !!!

    • We have a few different kinds of thistles here. I deal with them with hoe or shovel, but it’s just individual plants now, not big patches like this one where I took the photo. I know that if I don’t keep up with them they will take over.

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