More New Sheep

In the last post I mentioned the new sheep that I got from Puddleduck Farm in Oregon. But there were only two in those photos. There were actually nine sheep in the trailer. I had intended to get a ram and two yearling ewes. It’s a long story but I ended up with 6 more ewes of various ages.  PD Amber, 7 years Puddleduck AmberPD Cassandra, 4 years Puddleduck CassandraPD Celilo, 9 years Puddleduck CeliloPD Cherry, 8 years Puddleduck CherryPD Page, 7 years Puddleduck PagePD Ringo Here is the ram, Puddleduck Ringo.PD sheepSheep know their sheep friends. They are in the pasture with Ringo and about a dozen of my ewes, but these six stick together.DSC_9132Isadora-IsabelleWhile I’m introducing sheep this is Kenleigh’s Isadora and her lamb, Isabelle, who was born at the fair and will be staying here.


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