Sheep Portraits

I’ve been updating the Sheep for Sale part of the website. Here are some sheep photos.17029 Serrano-2                 This is the yearling ram, Cayenne. He is not for sale.17063-Gotham-2              Yearling ram, Gotham, is for sale.18006-head                Ewe lamb (Meridian Catalyst x Shadow Mountain Shelby).18026-head                   Ewe lamb (Meridian Catalyst x Meridian Delight).18046-head-2            Ewe lamb (bide a wee Buster x bide a wee Hallie).18031-head                 Ram lamb (Meridian Catalyst x Meridian Ava).18056-head-3                  Six-horn ewe lamb not for sale (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Jade). 18078 head             Four-horn ewe lamb, Janna, not for sale (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Janis)18025-head                   Oops! For sale, but not for breeding. Ugly-horned ram lamb. If you’re interested in lambs for meat see this link.