It’s still a little wet in these fields and I’m leery of causing soil compaction, but I really wanted to get the sheep out yesterday.


Jean and lambs

The ewes and lambs are in one field.

Ewes on pasture

The pregnant ewes are in another pasture.DSC_7005

This is Esmerelda, happy to be grazing green grass.


Here is an indicator of a ewe that is ready to lamb–all the other sheep went to the pasture after three months locked in the barn and she chooses to stay inside.


Sure enough! Foxglove had lambs a few hours later.


Take a look at the horns on her ram lamb.


Guess the Next Lambs

Da da da da da da daa. Dut, da da da da da da…While I’m typing this I’m hearing in my head  a well-known Game Show tune that goes with it. However, this game won’t be quite like that one.

I have a list of due dates based on observed breeding dates. I photographed most of the top contenders. My list shows the following ewes for February 25.13077 MaeMae from the front.13077 Mae (1)Mae from the rear.921 ShelbyShelby from the side.921 Shelby (1)Shelby from the rear.14027 Esmerelda (1)Esmerelda, front.14027 EsmereldaEsmerelda, rear.999 AthenaAthena from the front.999 Athena rearAthena from the rear.13007 Marilyn (1)Marilyn is due 2/26. 13007 MarilynHere she is from the rear. She was shorn in November. I sure like the recently shorn views better for this.12086 NoelNoel is due 2/27.821 FranFran is due 2/28.821 Fran (1)Fran from the rear.952 SpringSpring isn’t due until March 5 but she always looks so big I thought I’d just give you a view.12071 DelightWho is this? Trick question. That is Delight who is nursing twins.911 Dazzle and lambAnd here is Dazzle with her single. You can sure see the difference in body condition of ewes that are nursing month old lambs.

There a few other ewes on the list for the first couple of days, but I didn’t get photos of them. Maybe if I didn’t pick them out of the bunch for photos then they really aren’t ready. In any case we’ll just go with the sheep that are shown here for the prize. Yes, there will be a prize. I’m thinking about that right now. Something easy to mail. How about a pair of socks (sorry, only medium left) or a t-shirt. Your choice.

You can guess here in the comments or on Facebook. Share this post with your friends. Whoever is the first to name the first of these ewes to lamb is the winner. We should know in a few days.

Dut, da da da, da da da…

Update: I didn’t think this through very well. The first person with the right sheep will still get the prize, but to add incentive to continue voting I’ll put all the names of all the people who choose that sheep in a random drawing for something else.

Summer is waiting

Summer is waiting, but that’s not the season. It’s Summer, the sheep.

This is Summer on January 5.

January 17.

This is today, February 5. I don’t have a breeding date for Summer but I don’t think she lost any time after I put Clint in with her group. About a week ago I started giving her a little grain at feeding time, along with Paulette, who I know is pregnant with triplets after an ultrasound.

They both have to share their grain with the chicken who now comes running when she sees me get the grain bowls out.