Nap Time

Moms are eating. Babies are napping.













More Lambs

I took these photos before it started raining again.


A cute blue-eyed lilac lamb. This is on the “keep” list.  Meridian Catalyst x Shadow Mountain Shelby.

1056 Hot Lips and lambs

Meridian Hot Lips with triplets also sired by Catalyst.

13013 Sophia and lambs_

Meridian Sophia with BFL-x triplets.


Meridian Sonata with triplets sired by bide a wee Buster.

Ears and lambs

Ears and her crossbred lambs.

14007 Estelle

Meridian Estelle also with crossbred lambs.

15024 Ruth

Meridian Ruth. Lambs sired by Catalyst.

And while we’re at it let’s throw in another springtime photo.


The wisteria has started to bloom.


Lambing is Over

That was a quick lambing season. Quick, but intense. I’ll figure out the stats later, but for now there are pictures of lambs.


This is the last lamb, born last night. Bide a wee Buster x Bide a wee Trista.


These photos are from a couple of days ago before yesterday’s rain. The ewes were excited to get to fresh pasture.



This is a lamb that got lost in the tall grass and was calling for MOM!


I’m trying again for a great jumping lamb photo.


But the combination of the enough light, the right focal length, and fast enough shutter speed make that tough.


Some of these photos look OK here, but they aren’t sharp enough for a large screen.


I’m going to keep trying.





One of the latest lambs.

Today in the Barn

It’s been kind of crazy here over the last 16 days. That’s when lambing started. Maybe I’ll find time to go backwards to share photos. But here are some from today.


Isadora and triplets.

14014 Janis

Janis displaying signs that she was going to lamb today.


Catalyst and Joker, some of the sires of this year’s lambs.

Today’s lambing began with Noel’s triplets about 1 a.m. When I went to the barn in the morning Vanessa had twins.  Lambing began in earnest about 2:00.

Isabelle and lamb

This is Isabelle with a single lamb.

Janis and lamb

Janis cleaning the first of her twins.

Ava and lambs-2

Ava, who I had my eye on since first thing in the morning, lambed with twins.

Ava and lambs-3

Lambing is not always pretty.

Sheena and lamb

Sheena with a large single lamb.


This photo shows all four ewes that were lambing this afternoon. That’s Isabelle in the pen on the right with her lamb. Ava is in the pen in the corner. She and Janis (foreground) were delivering lambs at the same time–Ava had the first lamb, then Janis had her first. Ava had her second followed by Janis. Notice the lamb just behind Janis at the fence. Sheena who was in labor this whole time really wants this lamb. No wonder lambs and moms get mixed up if more than one ewe is lambing at the same time.


Outside the lambing barn we have plenty of other lambs already.


lambing board

Here is today’s record. This is how I keep track of lambs and we leave it up all year to refer to in the barn. The letters under the ewes’ names refer to the rams: Dragon, Joker, Catalyst, and Buster. The lamb numbers are color coded and I record weights. That’s 80 lambs since February 26.


Onyx is on the list for tomorrow…

1030 Jazz

…and Jazz is only another day or so off. I’m going out to check now.

View from Above

Photos taken in the barn last night with my phone.


These are the pregnant ewes and a couple of wethers (including that very freckled one in the middle).


Photos over the lambing pens:


Mae’s lambs born yesterday.


Marilla and her BFL-x lamb born yesterday…in motion…in the dark.


Skye and her twins also from yesterday.


Sonata’s lambs, born yesterday.


Windy Acres Bronagh and lambs, born during the night, which is one reason I was taking photos…waiting for lambs.


Bide a wee Hallie and her lambs, a few days old.


This is the list so far except for Bronagh.

Another Morning & More Sheep Photos

This morning I was going to take three sheep to be shorn at a friend’s house. These three were born at the State Fair in July last year and I didn’t want to shear them at our early February shearing. So I went out to take photos of the ram so that I’d have photos in full fleece for registration paperwork. Then I got carried away with other sheep portraits.15078 rightThis is the 9 month old ram. He needs a name.NashThis is Meridian Nash. These rams have the same sire so I don’t need both. I think this one will be for sale.RingoPuddleduck Ringo is also for sale. I have used him for two seasons and he needs to move on.RotorMeridian Rotor. 16002Isn’t this a beautiful stylish ewe lamb? She was born a month before everyone else because the ram lambs weren’t weaned soon enough. Too bad I don’t know her sire. Her very cute baby pictures with her brother are in this post.16041Lamb in early morning light. Meridian Vanessa x Meridian Rotor.16075BFL-cross lamb. Love those BFL faces.16046I’m keeping this lilac lamb. Mud Ranch’s Foxglove x Meridian Nash.DSC_8427Not sheep, but the sunflowers Across the Road.


Morning at the Barn

The sheep were all locked in the barn/corral area while I was irrigating. Here are some morning photos.Ginseng & twinsGinseng and BFL-X lambs.12040 FandangoFandango with lambs.1056 Hot Lips & lambHot Lips and lamb.11086 & twinsAlexandria and her lambs.Isadora and twinsIsabelle with lambs.DSC_8105Melinda and lambs.DSC_8089These were the last ones born this year.AmaryllisAmaryllis.DSC_8155Sheep looking hopeful as I climb back over the gate.