Lambs Grow Up

I caught the ewe lambs yesterday to figure out which were still for sale. I’m planning to keep several this year and it’s always tempting to keep too many. I sold several adults this year and a couple have died so I can keep at least 6 or 8 as replacements.lambs to keep

These lambs are all on my list to keep. There are a few close-ups below.

17055 head

Meridian Jennie (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Jane). She won Reserve Champion Ewe at Black Sheep Gathering last month.


Here is what she looked like in April.


I just decided yesterday that I’d keep this one. She’s not named yet (Starthist Dragon x Meridian Alice).


Here is a picture from May. Notice how the wool in front of her horns is shedding out. Adult Jacob sheep are not supposed to have woolly foreheads but the lambs are often born with wool that will shed.

17088 head

This is Jasmine (Starthist Dragon x Meridian Jazz).

17088 Jasmine

The wool on her forehead is also shedding.


Here is what she looked like in April.


Take a look at this nice looking ram lamb in late March. Look below to see why I don’t want to make deals for rams at a young age.


This ram can not be registered.

Other lamb photos are on the website although I haven’t updated the listings this month. There are several ram lambs to remove. Ram lambs. Ewe lambs.


Farm Shots

Most of these photos were taken with my phone during chore time in the last couple of days.


My chicks have outgrown their dog crate and needed to get out in the chicken house. I checked on them the first night and found them roosting on top of the crate. (This photo was taken by the light of my headlamp.)

Rain gauge

We woke up Friday to another inch and  a half of rain (with another 3/4″ the next day).

17068 bottle lamb

This one was taken after feeding the bottle babies.

Bottle lamb-3

This morning I noticed the wild eyebrow of one of them.

Bottle lamb-2

Speaking of bottle babies…this one followed me right through the 3-strand electric fence…


…while I was setting up fences so that I could move the ewes.


Seen in the pasture.


Also in the pasture.


We have had several field trips during the last couple of weeks. This was a group of home-schoolers. Can you tell that there is a sheep in there? Jade loves to be petted. What an amazing sheep.


And how about this amazing sheep? I think Mary is going to take her home.


Tonight a friend took this photo while I was feeding these two.


More Lambs

I took these photos before it started raining again.


A cute blue-eyed lilac lamb. This is on the “keep” list.  Meridian Catalyst x Shadow Mountain Shelby.

1056 Hot Lips and lambs

Meridian Hot Lips with triplets also sired by Catalyst.

13013 Sophia and lambs_

Meridian Sophia with BFL-x triplets.


Meridian Sonata with triplets sired by bide a wee Buster.

Ears and lambs

Ears and her crossbred lambs.

14007 Estelle

Meridian Estelle also with crossbred lambs.

15024 Ruth

Meridian Ruth. Lambs sired by Catalyst.

And while we’re at it let’s throw in another springtime photo.


The wisteria has started to bloom.


View from Above

Photos taken in the barn last night with my phone.


These are the pregnant ewes and a couple of wethers (including that very freckled one in the middle).


Photos over the lambing pens:


Mae’s lambs born yesterday.


Marilla and her BFL-x lamb born yesterday…in motion…in the dark.


Skye and her twins also from yesterday.


Sonata’s lambs, born yesterday.


Windy Acres Bronagh and lambs, born during the night, which is one reason I was taking photos…waiting for lambs.


Bide a wee Hallie and her lambs, a few days old.


This is the list so far except for Bronagh.

The Lucky Ones

As you must know when there are almost 80 lambs born in the spring I can’t keep them all. How many sheep would I have in 5 years? Who can do the math? My sheep capacity is about 55-65 adults. That includes a few wethers, more rams than I probably need, and the ewe lambs that I choose to keep. Someone has to go and a handful get to stay.

I just sent registration applications in for the lambs who are staying here. I was going to share their photos and then I thought that it would be fun to see their baby photos as well. For those of you who pay attention to who the sheep are I have included the (sire x dam).

16011-sylvia-2This one is Sylvia and the photo below was taken last week. (Rotor x Sonata)16011-sylvia-lt

16015-marillaHere is Marilla (named in a contest for her mother, Marilyn, and because she was our Spinzilla ravatar) in March and below in September. This is a good pair of photos that show that even when a sheep is black and white, the wool may look brown due to sun bleaching. The markings on the face and legs will indicate the true color, at least in Jacob sheep.16015-marilla-left

16016-marvThis is Marilla’s brother, Marv. He is one of only two ram lambs that I kept this year. He was champion Jacob ram at Black Sheep Gathering and his dad, Rotor, was Supreme Champion at the CA State Fair. The photo below shows the difference in rate of horn growth between ewes (Marilla) and rams (Marv). (Rotor x Marilyn)16016-marv-rt

estelle-and16042This is Stacy as a newborn lamb and below at 7 months. (Crosby x Estelle)16042-stacy-lt

jean-16062-16063More newborn photos. This is Jean with twins. I kept both of these lambs. The ewe lamb, trying to stand, is Cindy, below. The lamb nursing is the ram, Joker, in the photo below Cindy. (Nash x Jean)



Joker has a group of ewes and is wearing a marking harness with a red marker.

vanessa-and-16040 This is Vanessa with her lambs. Vanna , on the right, was 5.2 pounds when she was born, but you wouldn’t know that now. (Rotor x Vanessa)16040-vanna-rt


Vixen is the only lilac lamb I kept. Her markings are a brown/gray instead of black. That shows up better in the photo above than below. (Nash x Foxglove)16046-vixen-rt


This lamb is Virginia (Rotor x Ventura).16043-virginia-lt


This is bide a wee Trista, the one lamb that I purchased, so I didn’t take a baby photo. But I just looked and, yes there is one on the bide a wee farm website. Here is Trista as a little lamb.



Vixen, Virginia, Cindy, Vanna.