Family Time

My daughter was the surprise for Dan’s retirement/Father’s Day family get-together. She flew in from Texas with one grandbaby just in time for the Central Valley’s big heat wave. We escaped the heat for awhile yesterday by driving  to El Dorado National Forest to hang out with Matt and Kaleena until they got off work at 6 p.m.


Matt and Kaleena both work for the Forest Service and are based at different parts of the same facility. Matt is in charge of the helicopter.


We walked out to the helipad for a tour.


Note the effect of the King Fire from a few years ago.



Kasen seems to be a fan.


Chris was studying the instrument panel to decide if he should move some of the switches around.


I think he restrained himself.


Kasen seemed ready to try.


My three kids and one grandkid. (Kirby stayed home with Dad in Texas.)




Kaleena works on the other side of the compound.IMG_0290

Matt goes to fires in the helicopter and Kaleena drives this truck.




Here is her view from up high.


The official fire danger may have been low but they have been on nearby fires already the day after we were there Kaleena and her crew left for the Angeles National Forest.



Beating the Commute

For the last couple of weeks I’ve seen helicopters transporting equipment and parts for work on the high voltage power lines that are about a mile from here. I get a good view from the haystack, but even with my 300 mm lens I have to do a lot of cropping to bring in the image and then it’s not sharp.DSC_9858 Today it wasn’t just equipment.DSC_9864 They were transporting people from one tower to the next.DSC_9866 DSC_9867 DSC_9870 DSC_9876 There were two helicopters going back and forth. The yellow one has equipment in this photo.DSC_9900 This was fascinating to watch.DSC_9903 Here is a very grainy close-up.DSC_9941 That looks like a giant picnic basket. Do you suppose it’s lunch time?DSC_9953 DSC_9957Off to the next job.