Texas Trip Revisited, Family

The last blog post about my September trip to Texas was mostly my favorite flower photos. Here are my favorite family photos.DSC_4088Kasen was about 21 months.DSC_4093


DSC_4098Kirby is was four and a little bit.DSC_4099I think that I would have loved to have a trampoline when I was a kid.DSC_4102




DSC_4153We visited the pumpkin patch to choose pumpkins and try to get a family portrait.DSC_4197First, a chicken picture.DSC_4160


DSC_4182I don’t think it was possible to get everyone looking in the same direction at the same time. But a beautiful family nevertheless.


Texas – All About the Grandkids

Less than a week and a half from the end of our road trip to Washington I flew to Texas for a short visit with the grandkids. I had to fit that in before Lambtown and the start of breeding season.

I got there on Thursday. The flight was in time for Katie to meet me in Austin and then pick up Kirby at school (pre-K now) and take her to her dance class.IMG_9958I had to hide behind another window because Kirby kept looking through the door.IMG_9960In the middle they changed from tap shoes to ballet shoes. The teachers helped each kid get the shoes on the right feet. They stuffed the bows in the toes of the shoes. Kirby didn’t like that and twice she pulled the ends of the bows out and I saw her twisting them around each other in an attempt to tie them. Eventually the teacher tied them and left them out–I think she tied a double knot. I meant to try and teach Kirby to tie a bow while I was there but actually I think she is too young. Next time…unless she already knows by then.IMG_9966

IMG_9973On Friday Kirby went to school and Mom and Dad were at work. Kasen usually goes to day care but he stayed with me all day.IMG_9975He is very self-reliant for a toddler and can entertain himself well.IMG_9976I enjoy taking the kids outside for at least part of the time. The weather this day was very pleasant.IMG_9979We walked to the end of the smaller road where it meets the main road. Kasen loves trucks and tractors and anything with wheels. So we started watching and listening for trucks.IMG_9981I moved him to the bank on the road where we could watch both directions (By the way, look at all those flowers–it’s been raining in Hill Country.) I’d hear a vehicle and ask if it was a truck or a car? “Car.” We waved. Some of the trucker’s blew their horns. This entertained Kasen for at last half an hour.
IMG_9983The road home.IMG_9989Back home with a favorite book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?”.IMG_9991Outside again.IMG_9995Katie and Kurtis have set up a play area for the kids–easier to keep track of them at this age than having them running through the dry grass and having to watch out for snakes and fire ants and scorpions.IMG_9998They love the trampoline and I love the trampoline because the kids are contained. (I thought I had better photos but now that I see these iphone photos on my computer I realize that none are sharp.)IMG_0020The sandbox (built by Papa Dan) is also a big attraction.IMG_0024Back inside with puzzles.IMG_0027You can hear when someone comes in the driveway. “Mama” or “Dada”!IMG_0029Time to go see who it is.IMG_0037It was Mama with Kirby. Time for the trampoline (champerline according to Kirby) before dinner.IMG_0044Kirby orchestrates the play time. “I’ll be the princess and Kasen is the prince and you be the dragon (or alligator or monster) and you try to get me.” Or “You be the alligator and you are sleeping and I’ll be the princess and I’m going to get you.”IMG_0073All I really wanted to do was to lie on the trampoline and look up at this amazing oak tree.IMG_0080Sunset view.IMG_0081I found this creature on the wall of the mud room. That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about here.IMG_0082Friday night was movie night. Ice cream and popcorn and getting to sleep in the living room. Kirby chose a Starwars movie but really only wants to see “the princess” and Darth Vader. IMG_0088Pumpkin Day. We went to a local nursery to find pumpkins.IMG_0090After pumpkin selection we went to the chicken yard to select a couple of new chickens to replace some that had been killed.IMG_0092Does someone have an attitude? The look on Kirby’s face reminds me of one of me at that age when I was looking at my little brother.

This was a short trip. I hope to see these kids again in January.

Grandkids Across the Road

While the grandkids were still here we made an excursion Across the Road. I hadn’t wanted to take three dogs and the two kids on my own because of the part where we have to walk on Meridian Road. There isn’t a lot of traffic but the cars are fast and there isn’t much of a shoulder to walk on. I didn’t want to pull the wagon where Kason was riding and hang onto three leashes, all the while trying to get the dogs off the pavement when cars came. (The dogs want to stay on the pavement because they have learned that when they walk off the pavement they are apt to pick up puncture vine burrs in their feet.) By the way, Rusty shared some photos of this in his blog.

DSC_1553             The wagon worked well for Kasen and had the added benefit of taking all the necessary things like water bottles and the doll.IMG_7838

IMG_7836            Meryl and I traded off with the wagon, but part of the point of this walk was for Kirby, wearing her black and pink Nikes, to run with Aunt Meryl.DSC_1561





IMG_7864 Eventually Aunt Meryl tired and needed a ride.DSC_1588                 Time to go home. Kirby started to pout because she wanted Sawyer’s leash.IMG_7867                  I let her take Rusty and all was OK.





Grandkids and the Gravel Pile

DSC_1233          What better place to entertain an 18-month old than a gravel pile with tractors?      DSC_1227               These trucks and tractors have been in the garage for 25+ yearsDSC_1213             Hose off the spiders and they’re as good as new.DSC_1209

DSC_1232                Watching kids can be exhausting. Notice what Ginny is looking at–that’s her ball right next to Dan.DSC_1240           Kasen found the ball-thrower.DSC_1291              That kept Ginny entertained even though Kasen wasn’t able to throw the ball very well. DSC_1252                  See Rusty’s blog for more photos.DSC_1238


Fun at Home Depot

On every first Saturday Home Depot has a Kids’ Workshop and Katie has been taking Kirby to the workshops in Texas. Dan was the designated adult for this one.IMG_7767                 The kids have aprons and they get badges for all the projects they complete.IMG_7777              This month’s project was a wooden car. Dan started the nails for Kirby and she finished the pounding.IMG_7779                There are kids lined up all along the “tables” made of boards and buckets.IMG_7784                     Katie said that Kirby often likes the painting part more than the building part. IMG_7787                                                 Pink was not one of the colors that was offered but we all know what you get when you mix red and white.

IMG_7791                                              Kirby was through enough to want to paint the bottom of the car too.IMG_7793                This activity goes on all morning. While we waited for the paint on Kirby’s car to dry we walked around the garden part of the store and looked at flowers.IMG_7794                                                 Kirby came back for her badge.IMG_7796                                                 Then it was time to put the wheels and the stickers on the car.IMG_7799                        Project finished!

More Fun in the Barn

I hope you’re not tired of grandkid photos yet. The last ones were here.IMG_7735                  While Katie was still working on the barn during her visit…DSC_1401                                                                …I supervised Kirby…

DSC_1413                                                          …and Kasen.DSC_1434                     I think that Uncle Chris was a lot more fun than me.DSC_1435


DSC_1442                Notice the dog ball in Kirby’s left hand and two dogs waiting for it.IMG_7742                 Back to the wagon.IMG_7743                    On this day I didn’t need to put the carseat in it for Kasen to fall asleep. IMG_7745

DSC_1427                Someone else was worn out too.

Fun in the Barn

In this post  Katie and Meryl cleaned out the barn. You get used to how cluttered things are and the forget what the space looks like when its cleaned out. Now while Katie was continuing to work the barn made a great place to watch the kids–especially since that week it was so hot.IMG_7657-2         There was plenty of room to run.IMG_7662            Plenty of room to chase bubbles.IMG_7666

IMG_7676           Plenty of room for drawing with chalk. Notice who is just outside the barn door painting. The kids didn’t know that and I kept them distracted inside. IMG_7664              Someone else needed entertaining too. IMG_7681                     I taught Kirby about hopscotch.IMG_7686



IMG_7691              Aunt Meryl came to the barn to play. While all the names of all the other aunts are are pronounced “aunt” like the 6-legged ant, Kirby says Aunt Meryl with the “au” part as in Australia. We have no idea why because no one else says it that way.IMG_7701                  I hid balls under the rubber tubs and then Kasen just started pushing them around the barn.

IMG_7699              Naptime.