More with Texas Grandkids

One post just wasn’t enough for the grandkid photos.

Kirby has a great egg-collecting apron.

I think the trampoline is one of the best investments Katie and Kurtis have made. The baby is contained and having fun while Kirby can also work off energy with mom. And how nice to walk outside your door and have this without having to take the kids to town.

DSC_0152                   It seems that nightgowns are also good workout attire (see last post).


IMG_4970           After a strenuous workout it’s hard to stay awake for lunch.IMG_4973

IMG_5006        Wearing the unicorn hat she got for Christmas. Yes, there is a unicorn horn and mane on the back of this.

Another day’s activities include toenail painting, chasing your brother with a bucket on your head, more trampoline jumping, and the “Baby” dolls that I made for the kids.

IMG_5034            This time Kasen fell asleep before he made it to the high chair.

IMG_5039               When one goes to sleep sometimes its worth going on a walk so that the other will take a nap without an argument.

Sweet dreams, sweet kids!


Texas Grandkids

Lambing has just started and will quickly take over my life for the next few weeks, but first I want to share the photos of the cutest grandkids ever. I spent six days in visiting in Texas. If you come to this blog to see travel photos or farm photos or weaving photos, sorry. This post is all about grandkids.

My daughter went to work Friday morning and the 13-month old went to daycare so that I could do something with Kirby (3-1/2). I let her pick out her outfit and she chose this dress. Later I realized that it was a nightgown “dress” but, oh well, what’s wrong with going to the zoo in your nightgown?

IMG_4911             Jacob sheep at the Austin Zoo. This zoo is a rescue/animal sanctuary zoo. All of the animals were seized in animal cruelty cases, retired from other facilities, individual exotic pets that needed rehoming, retired lab research animals, etc. DSC_0082              Kirby didn’t want to see the lions or tigers, but I thought that this was a rather intimidating photo (not so much the tiger photo but the little girl in front of the giant tiger).

IMG_4928                                           Building a lego tower with flowers on top.

The next day Katie stayed home and I kept up with Kasen so Katie could work on things outside.

One of those projects was helping Kirby make a “fairy garden” using statues and other “garden art” that her recently deceased great-grandmother wanted her to have. That included outlining the area with rocks, some of which Kirby painted. Note that a nightgown dress is suitable attire for yard work as well as a zoo trip. Just add rubber boots.

DSC_0125          Singing Disney tunes.


So as to not overwhelm you with too much cuteness in one post I will write another with the next batch of photos!

Visiting Texas – Day 4

I finished the last post with it snowing on Thursday evening. This is a rare event in this part of Texas and the fact that the snow stuck around through the next day was even more rare. It made for an all new landscape to photograph.

2017-12-TX-23              The view from the back walkway.

2017-12-TX-29         There is the decorated tree just inside the gate on the right.

2017-12-TX-28      Everyone else was still in bed but I went for a walk up the road as the sun was coming over the hills.







2017-12-TX-117                  I got back to the house and checked inside the truck. Dan had chosen to drive to Texas instead of flying. He says, now that he has retired, “everyday is Saturday” and he preferred to throw a road trip into the plans. He had left five days before I did and spent time hiking and camping along the way. He met me at the airport in Austin on Tuesday. Now that all the kids were at the house we had to spread out with sleeping arrangements and he decided to continue with the camping mode and sleep in the truck.

2017-12-TX-120                                               Eventually everyone else came out into the snow.

2017-12-TX-127                     Kirby started a snowman with the help of…

2017-12-TX-122                                                       …Uncle Matt…

2017-12-TX-131                      …and Aunt Meryl.



2017-12-TX-151                  I love these kids.


And these kids too.

Puddle Jumping

Someone is making the best of the rainy day.


We went to the barn to see the sheep and get out of the house. Jade is the only sheep who will approach a little person without the bribe of a bucket of grain.


I stood under the roof and out of the rain and watched Kirby…


…run back and forth.



dsc_6358Contemplating the Really Big Puddle.




The sheep weren’t thrilled about all this activity by the little pink person.




By the time we got back to the house I figured that a little more water really didn’t matter. So Kirby ran through the lake that was our driveway until she’d had enough. Tonight it is still raining.

More Grandkid Photos

I’ve been so focused on #1 family visiting and #2 trying to get my new website up that I haven’t done much else. I did have a request for more cute grandkid photos though and since cute lambs haven’t arrived yet, here they are. (Not that I’d show cute lamb photos to the exclusion of cute grandkid photos. I’d just have to fit both in.)


Here is what greeted me on Valentines’s Day.


We planted them together.


For the first several days of Kirby’s visit the sun was out and things started to dry out.


We were still wearing boots to the barn, but didn’t have to tromp through as much mud.


Aunt Meryl manages a gymnastics club and there is an Open Gym hour on Wednesdays, in addition to a Wednesday morning Mommy and Me class.


Kirby went to both and loved it.


Gathering eggs from the chicken house.


It’s best if she carries just one.


It started raining again so there were puddles.


Not to forget that there is another grandchild visiting. He just doesn’t spend as much time at the barn.


And the Cuteness Begins

No, it’s not time for cute lambs yet. How about cute grandkids?


Meeting Kirby at the Oakland Airport.


Holding her baby brother while Mommy gets the carseats strapped in.


We got home in the early evening and someone wanted to go right to the barn to see “sheeps and conkey”.


I got a couple of photos with sheep but the donkey photo will have to wait.


Uncle Chris has the right touch to get a smile out of 7-week old Kasen.


Tracing Aunt Meryl’s hand.





Letting Ginny clean up the egg that was dropped.


Papa Dan, Kirby, and Rusty.

Visiting Texas

I haven’t been to Texas since last year, but that’s because we saw my granddaughter several times last winter and spring in California. It was time for me to see her again and to do that I had to travel east. She is now two.


While Mommy painted the shed we went for a walk.



Time to take off the shoes.


The low water crossing on the road.


What better place to play on a hot day.


Hugging Colby.


Yesterday we went to the Comal County Fair.


This morning I said that we’d go for a walk in the rain. Kirby started to pack. You never know when you’ll need a stuffed llama, a cup of milk, or a bunch of books.


It had rained enough during the early morning hours that the water had risen too high for playing.


We turned and walked up the road the other way.


Well, one of us walked and the other rode most of the way.