Handwoven article

These are a random assortment of background photos to give you a feel for the article(s). If you wanted to use any of them you can although most of the older ones are scanned copies.

This and the next photo are the 4 of the blankets I recently wove using Mom’s yarn. Two are still here and I could send the to HW for photos. Mom's yarn Mom's yarn

Mom reading to Katie and wearing her handspun sweater.1991-12 K & mom

Mom with Katie and my younger son.1992-06 K & C & MamaJean

Mom with Katie

1992-06 K & MamaJean


Mom with Katie and a drawing of my brother that my aunt did.



The blanket I wove for Katie in VT. This blanket is still available to photograph. I could also get the shawl that I wove using Katie’s handspun yarn.DSC_3132 DSC_3133

The more recent “Mom’s yarn blankets” on the loom showing the yarn variety.


handspun warp


Some of the yarn I sorted through.Mom's yarn for blankets


Mom with her sheep probably in the 70’s.Mom with sheep Mom and lamb


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