Farm Day

The pre-lambing Farm Day overlapped with Stitches West this year so some of our members who thought that they were lacking in yarn stash chose shopping over barn cleaning. We still had a good crew and we finished our scheduled chores in just a couple of hours. (Dona was shopping so thanks to Lisa for some of these photos.)IMG_2153Lisa, Cindy, Alison, and Stephany came early and helped with barn cleaning and vaccinating. Betty came later and we skirted fleeces.

img_1706We gathered the ewes in the barn for vaccinating.img_1705Some are looking quite large.img_1718 We checked the ewe lambs using the FAMANCHA scoring card and dewormed those who  were marginally anemic. 

img_1723 Amaryllis can always count on Lisa for scratches.img_1731 Faulkner was fired up after yesterday’s tryst with Donna, who I put in his pen for breeding. Alas, it was just us Farmers today, no hot ewes.Alex 13035Betty and I worked on some fleeces in the afternoon… IMG_2172…and took a break to give the ewes a treat. img_1737 This was a short day as Farm Days go because everyone had other places to be (including me who met up with several out-of-state cousins who came to Berkeley for a birthday gathering) but it was beautiful morning to enjoy with friends.GinnyEven though we didn’t work all that hard, somebody got tired out.


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