Christmas, 2018

What a relief to have the lead-up to “the holidays” over. When you’re in a business that counts on sales during one month and those sales are dependent on 1. how many things you are able to make, and 2. how well you market your business, the pace becomes more and more frenetic. So Christmas Day for me was a relief. Work was over. The house was clean (as clean as it gets) and fixed up (after we’ve lived here for almost twenty years and finally replaced floors and some windows.) We had pretty Christmas lights outside. The weather was beautiful. The food was easy to prepare (don’t peel potatoes this year and see how it goes–it went fine). Best of all family was here (except missing the TX branch).

Here are snapshot photos of the day.IMG_1484Matt brought his drone.DJI_0025The sheep have been in the barn and corral area for the last month because the pasture is soggy and I’m waiting for the grass to get some growth, but I set up the fence to let them out onto part of it for the day.PANO0003-2The drone gives us a great view of the property. There is a video taken with the drone on my website.

DSC_5531We opened gifts. I bought Dan a series of used books that are by author Stan Lynde. Our last name is unusual and we had found a book by this author on our most recent road trip. Dan got about half way into it and found that pages 140-180 were repeated and 180 to 120 were missing. When I looked into replacing the book I found that the author was dead, his publishing company no longer existed, and that there were about 7 or 8 books in the series. So I hunted them all down and wrapped up the Stan Lynde books for Dan Lynde.IMG_1455Dan made DIL, Meryl, a marker for her parking spot to reflect her new job as an Orange Theory coach. IMG_1477My daughter sent us all aprons embellished by the grandkids. IMG_1456Time for getting dinner in the oven. Chris, mac and cheese lover that he is, has become a cream sauce expert.DJI_0051While dinner was cooking we went out for another drone session…DJI_0038…and a family photo. IMG_1497Dinner on the table.IMG_1501We may have started a new tradition with a game from Santa. It’s a card game based on the old computer game, The Oregon Trail, that my kids loved to play years ago. IMG_1503You can play with up to six players so we created teams so that all 11 of us could play. We may study the rules between now and the next time we play. Our wagon team eventually all died–there may be better strategy than we used. IMG_1511After pies (pumpkin and apple) we moved onto a game my niece has on her phone. IMG_1518Trying to get my brother to guess Valley Girl.IMG_1514A lively time was had by all.DSC_5516And to all a good night.

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