I was looking in Lightroom for a photo of ewe # 8056 and I typed in 856 by mistake. I saw a selection of photos that were fun to review. Here they are.

IMG_0856This is etched into the barn floor after one of our concrete pours. Papa-San was my father-in-law. Dave is my brother. IMG_3856 And speaking of writing on the floor, this was taken Across the Road, not as permanent as the concrete etching except in my photos.IMG_8562My oldest son side job is climbing trees to remove branches or, as in this case, to remove a tree that should no longer be where it is.DSC_3856Sunflowers.IMG_8569Wedge weave rug at Convergence in Reno last summer. DSC_0856Hiking in Arches National Park.DSC_0856-2Hiking on the PawPaw Trail in Maryland last spring.DSC_3856-2Taken from our road trip in September on our way back from Washington.18056 Quartz-headThe photo I was searching for when I mistakenly typed  856? This is ewe lamb 8056, Meridian Quartz, a 6-horn ewe lamb. People talk about Jacob sheep having six horns but I’ve never seen one that has room for six really distinct big horns.

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