Woven Goods

It’s the season for selling when you’re in the business of making. Now I seem to spend extra time taking photos and then trying to keep track if the items are at The Artery or here, listed on the my website or on the Fibershed Marketplace site . Ideally there were would be three batches–some at the Artery and not on the website, some here and just on my website, and some here and just on the Fibershed site. The goal would be to have everything sold by Christmas and to not double-sell anything…but those lines are crossing. I have to be vigilante. Here are a few examples of what I’ve been weaving.

DSC_4954Chenille scarf using clasped weft.Shawl 1065-2-1Local yarns dyed with coreopsis and dahlia flowers.Shawl-1059-3-1More local yarns dyed with mushroom and black walnut.Ponchos 1067This is the stack of ponchos that I finished in early November just before the Fibershed Wool Symposium.IMG_1021 This is how the loom looks from where I sit.IMG_1027 The rainbow colors are a result of a prism that hangs in the window behind me. After my mom died a friend gave me the prism and said that it was to remind me of my mom. And it does, as it reminds me of the friend, Sylvia.IMG_1023Coreopsis dyed yarn.IMG_0308The computer that holds the “brains” of the loom. This loom does not weave without me doing everything (for those people who think that having a computer hooked up means I’m not really weaving). It only keeps track of the pattern that I have put in.IMG_1028This is what that pattern looks like. It will be completely different after fulling.IMG_0307A look down through the warp threads to the cloth below.IMG_0305OOPS! I think I have this in an earlier photo and I haven’t told the story yet of what I did about it. That will still come.Poncho 1067-1Some of the finished ponchos.DSC_4987

DSC_5076Poncho 1067-4-3Talk about a versatile garment. I have grown to love the poncho. It’s really just a blanket with a hole in the middle for your head. Whether you’re at the computer late at night (gee, does that ever happen?), in the car, or trying to stay warm while reading in bed it’s an easy garment to throw on. And it also makes you look young and pretty! Just look at those photos! (Disclaimer–that’s really not me.)

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