Never Mind

Maybe you have wondered where the blog has been. (Or maybe not, except for a very few of you.) November was tough because I had so many commitments and deadlines. I meant to blog about all of them but just didn’t have time. IMG_0984I wanted to write about the weekend in Santa Barbara where I presented the Guild program and then taught a Jacob wool class.DSC_4931I have stories about the weaving I was working on. This one is clasped weft. (With three yarns in each pick it took FOREVER.)DSC_5019I have more clasped weft stories, but based on chenille.Blanket-878-3Overriding the last half of the month was the Camp Fire, a terribly destructive fire. Even though were not affected here (other than the unhealthy smoke levels) I couldn’t help but think about it most of the time. This fire was destructive on such a massive scale that the population in Butte County still needs help from volunteers. This photo is one of four pieces that I donated to California Fire Help, an artisan-run website to raise funds for the fire victims.IMG_0305While I was trying to squeeze all the weaving that should have happened throughout the year into a month I ran into this problem at the end of a 21 yard warp. Fortunately the other 18 yards were just fine and produced 10 ponchos. I was going to write a blog post about what I did about this.Yarn_TR-18-xI also finished up my dyeing for the season and put together bundles of yarns for sale. I have lots of pretty flower and yarn photos to share on the blog.Weaving samples-8 epiI continued to help new weaver’s problem solve even if it was by sharing photos via email. (This one is before and after washing.)DSC_5044Thanksgiving came along the day before the big show (for me) of the season, the Crocker Holiday Artisan Market. I took some of my pieces to my brother’s house so that I could photograph them with a professional model who happens to be my niece. Now I’m self-conscious about using these photos because my niece works with real photographers and I want to do her justice. DSC_5190My brother also helped model. He demonstrated how wool dryer balls could be used for juggling.

The big thing that I was going to announce with this blog post is that over all this time for the last six weeks I’ve been working on a new website to replace the old one. It went LIVE today. I was going to share the link and add links to all of these photos because having outside links to your website is supposed to help with SEO. But NEVER MIND. It was up there an hour ago but when I started this blog post the link went back to the old site. I have no idea why. Maybe the wind blew the big pointer in the sky back to pointing to the old website. So I’ll have to try again. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow.



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