The New Girls

These are the ewe lambs that are still here after selling everyone (almost) that I intend to. (And there were 81 lambs this year.) I’m very pleased with this group and proud that my breeding program has led to this selection.18001-JanieMeridian Janie (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Jane)18021-Maybelle-headMeridian Maybelle (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Mae) This ewe was going to be on my sale list but she had an unexpected tryst with Cayenne and may be pregnant.18041-RuthieMeridian Ruthie (Meridian Cayenne x Meridian Ruth), who just broke her horn and is somewhat bloody on one side. This is another ewe who may be pregnant after the aforementioned incident.18054-Zora-headMeridian Zora (Meridian Cayenne x Meridian Betty)18054-ZoraZora is a pretty little lilac ewe who was chosen from Day 1 for her cute markings, although “cuteness” isn’t listed under the JSBA Breed Standard selection criteria.18056-QuartzMeridian Quartz (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Jade). Quartz was chosen because, besides being a nice looking ewe, her mom is everyone’s favorite pet sheep and…18056-Quartz-hd …I want to see how her 6 horns grow out.18080-2Meridian ??? I haven’t named this lamb yet but she certainly deserved a good one. (Meridian Serrano x Unzicker Shenandoah)18454-Marion-headbide a wee Marion (Ruby Peak Cinnamon x Meridian Maven), who didn’t go home to Oregon after the AGM we hosted in August.18078 JannaMeridian Janna (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Janis). Janna is a big tall ewe lamb and is out with the breeding group, possibly to be bred by Meridian Axle.18002 SopranoMeridian Soprano (bide a wee Buster x Meridian Sonata) has definitely been bred by Axle.

It looks as though I am missing photos of one ewe and that is Meridian Haldana, who is one of the lambs that went to the state fair. Everyone else is accounted for here.


2 thoughts on “The New Girls

  1. For the lamb which needs a name, how about another Chile pepper? Cayenne is an obvious choice, but it is taken. How about Jalapeño, Bell, Ancho, or Tabasco?

    • I think that I want it to be something that relates to Shenandoah because of the dam and then I remember who she is out of. However, Bell(e) could work. I’ll keep thinking about it.

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