JSBA AGM – Part 2

After all the planning and anticipation that went into the AGM it was just so short–Friday afternoon to Sunday morning. I shared some Friday photos here. One of these days when I find Dona’s flashdrive in all the clutter around here (a remodel project going on) I’ll share hers because I think she has some great ones. For now I’ll share the ones that I took Saturday.DSC_3016People arrived for breakfast before the day’s program started.AGM Robin Presentation2First up was “Pass or Fail” a talk presented by Royal and me, the two JSBA inspectors who were present. We started by looking at slides…AGM Inspection4…and then went outside to look at sheep. I hadn’t sold any of my cull rams yet so that we’d have plenty of examples of potential horn problems. IMG_9099 We also looked at some of the other sheep present.

Next up was Dave Pratt, who owns Ranch Management Consultants and teaches Ranching for Profit schools (described as a business school for ranchers) all over the country (and happens to be my brother). We started with his charts and slides and then moved to the pasture to finish up.DSC_3037Jade is always willing to greet a visitor to the farm.DSC_3040Dr. Joan Rowe from UC Davis talked about Lambing and Sheep Obstetrics. Helpful hint: Another use for a feeding tube and syringe is to get lube around a lamb when you need to reach in to rearrange or pull it.

This was all before lunch.IMG_9127Afterwards Susan Gandy, one of the Farm Club members, demonstrated preparation and analysis of fecal samples using a method that can be used on the farm to stay on top of parasite levels in our sheep.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the background in these photos, we used G-1 (the garage) for PowerPoint presentations because that was the place that was the most dark, the best for viewing slides.

Martin Dally’s talk was next. Martin is well-known as a wool and sheep judge and for his business, Super Sires, Ltd. and we were lucky that he consented to come from Oregon to talk with us. He presented two topics relating to wool–biology and development of wool and the effects of genetics on wool characteristics.

Showing these photos and writing a few paragraphs doesn’t begin to get across the depth of information that was presented in these talks. You should also know that the afternoon temperature was in the high 90’s and the skies had been smoke-filled for days due to the wildfires burning in California. By the time Martin’s presentations were over at 3:45 I was on information overload. But we weren’t finished yet!DSC_3055 AGM stands for Annual General Meeting and that is a required element of our gathering. So it was meeting time. Gary Anderson from Michigan led the meeting and brought people up to date on JSBA goings-on, recognition of individuals, and announcements. I was given a much appreciated gift card to my favorite local store, Higby’s Country Feed!DSC_3079Royal and others presented reports…

…while members and friends listened. It was late on a hot afternoon and we still had one more topic scheduled. I had planned a Breeders’ Roundtable where selected members from around the country would offer their expertise on various management topics. At this point I wondered if it was just too much and if people would rather not focus on another presentation. I was actually glad when one of the attendees said that she spent a lot of money to get here and wanted all the info she could get. All right–let’s do it! However, I didn’t orchestrate it as much as I had the other talks–I was tired of being the time-keeper and making sure people were where they were supposed to be. This was informal but very informative and friendly as we sat in the tent and talked about a variety of Jacob sheep topics. DSC_3099Did I share the things to look at in the tent? Dona put together a display of the unshorn Pope Valley sheep that we recently acquired.IMG_9083Having just finished the State Fair the week before we put up part of our Marketing (award winning by the way) display.DSC_3100A couple of people had farm displays and sales.DSC_3096  And there were sheep to buy.IMG_9182I find that my photos kind of stopped here at dinner. (But I will still find Dona’s eventually.) After dinner we held the annual raffle and I don’t have photos of that. There were fantastic prizes and we are grateful to everyone who provided them (you can see them here).

Sunday morning people met back here for breakfast and I caught some sheep so we could talk about condition scoring and how that applies to our Jacob flocks.  Then is was time for most people to wrap things up and leave.IMG_9197I enjoyed have Karen and Doug from Oregon here all weekend as Dan got a chance to meet them and spend some evening hours together. This is Karen’s new look!IMG_E9200It was over all too soon. The tent was taken down, everything put away and we’re back to normal. Or is it ever normal? Two days after this event and the months of getting the place fixed up Dan said something like “maybe we should work on the house now.” That will be another story.


2 thoughts on “JSBA AGM – Part 2

    • I’m glad that you were able to come. I’m going to make a point of getting to the next AGM where ever it is unless it’s during our State Fair.

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