Grandkids Across the Road

While the grandkids were still here we made an excursion Across the Road. I hadn’t wanted to take three dogs and the two kids on my own because of the part where we have to walk on Meridian Road. There isn’t a lot of traffic but the cars are fast and there isn’t much of a shoulder to walk on. I didn’t want to pull the wagon where Kason was riding and hang onto three leashes, all the while trying to get the dogs off the pavement when cars came. (The dogs want to stay on the pavement because they have learned that when they walk off the pavement they are apt to pick up puncture vine burrs in their feet.) By the way, Rusty shared some photos of this in his blog.

DSC_1553             The wagon worked well for Kasen and had the added benefit of taking all the necessary things like water bottles and the doll.IMG_7838

IMG_7836            Meryl and I traded off with the wagon, but part of the point of this walk was for Kirby, wearing her black and pink Nikes, to run with Aunt Meryl.DSC_1561





IMG_7864 Eventually Aunt Meryl tired and needed a ride.DSC_1588                 Time to go home. Kirby started to pout because she wanted Sawyer’s leash.IMG_7867                  I let her take Rusty and all was OK.






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