Ginny Herding Sheep

Ginny went to a Sheepherding lesson last week and wanted me to explain these pictures to you.

1711-Ginny-herd-1             Sheepdog Debbie sent her out to gather up the sheep.1711-Ginny-herd-2         Debbie’s sheep are pretty dog-broke because they are used to being moved by dogs.1711-Ginny-herd-3               So for a Border Collie like Ginny (or me) it’s not very hard to get them to move.1711-Ginny-herd-4                There were a couple who didn’t want to play the game though.

DSC_5273            Ginny moved the sheep toward the gate…DSC_5276          …and held them there while Sheepdog Debbie sorted a few out into the other field.DSC_5278            This is a pet sheep who is one of the ones who was standing near Debbie.

DSC_5280         Ginny looks pretty good here.

DSC_5282                  I think that I should go back to Sheepdog Debbie’s place and get to work with her sheep. They don’t have those nasty horns like ours do.


3 thoughts on “Ginny Herding Sheep

  1. It looks as though Rusty put his post on my blog instead of his. That makes the last sentences sound kind of strange things for me to say. Rusty’s blog is at .

  2. Hey, Ginny! I was assessed for herding instinct in September up in Wisconsin. After 30 seconds, or so, my instincts kicked right in and I knew what to do. But, I am much more interested in chasing squirrels. Lookin’ good, Ginny! Love, MAGIC

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