Random Farm Stuff

In no particular order, here’s some of what I’ve been doing. Photos with my phone.


Spinning with the Tour de Fleece (while watching the Tour de France). This is kitty supervision (or challenge).


Dealing with bad ram behavior. Notice that the welded wire panel is bent and pushed directly into the electric fence which is now not charged because of the contact.


Picking blackberries.


Farm Club was here (another post about that) and I introduced Peyton, the BFL ram I brought back from Oregon.


Peyton’s selfie.


While we were busy working in the barn, Maggie entertained herself.


This is what she did to both hoses that were hanging on the chicken house. Notice that all  accessible wood has been covered with chicken wire. That’s because Maggie has already chewed what she could trying to get to the chickens. That freshly chewed board was the latest place she chewed before I put up the chicken wire. That is where the Little Chicken got out and then Maggie killed her. Maggie has more than three strikes.


Coreopsis growing near the house.


Coreopsis in the dye pot.IMG_0895

A blanket woven with last year’s dyed yarns.


This is exciting–my 2017 yarn is here!!! The gray is a Timm Ranch/Jacob blend. The white is from the Anderson Ranch.


Cleaning G1 (that’s the garage) and looking through boxes that haven’t been opened in years. This is a box full of trophies and ribbons that belong to the kids.


And if you grow up in California you make a mission when you are in fourth grade. This is Katie’s.


4 thoughts on “Random Farm Stuff

  1. There are some happy photos, and some ominous ones. Happy – blackberries, coreopsis (what color does coreopsis produce?), kitty spinning supervision (obviously, your work is loved; kitty is scent marking your flyer), Peyton (does he have any natural dark lurking in his genes?), new yarn (I think sheep who can grow several colors of wool at once are amazing), kids’ projects (my kitchen was taken over by apple slices dipped in honey or lemon juice 10 years ago, but I didn’t save the results 😉 ). Worrisome – that damaged fence. Still worse – Maggie, murdered chicken, and Strike Three.

  2. Time to keep Maggie in an enclosed yard? Had to laugh when I saw the hoses. What does BFL stand for and why do you deviate from one breed? Curious mind wants to know.

    • I’m just seeing this now. If I keep her in the yard when I’m out she barks incessantly. If in the house she jumps at the door. This morning I loaded sheep. I have learned not to tie her because she’ll chew the leash (need a chain) and she’ll still bark. So I put her in a horse stall while moving the sheep and she jumps at the gate and barks.

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