Celebrating Red, White, & Blue

The 4th of July came while I was in Texas visiting grandkids. We went to the parade in Wimberly. Here are some small-town-parade scenes.

4th of July parade-TX-24

4th of July parade-TX-284th of July parade-TX-33

4th of July parade-TX-35

4th of July parade-TX-41

4th of July parade-TX-44

4th of July parade-TX-46

4th of July parade-TX-49

4th of July parade-TX-52

4th of July parade-TX-53

4th of July parade-TX-57

4th of July parade-TX-62

4th of July parade-TX-69

4th of July parade-TX-72

And here is who I was with while I was watching:

4th of July parade-TX-37

The give-aways from parade participants included flags,

4th of July parade-TX-50


4th of July parade-TX-67


4th of July parade-TX-73

and as much candy as at Halloween.

4th of July parade-TX-65


4th of July parade-TX-70



3 thoughts on “Celebrating Red, White, & Blue

  1. Small town parades are the best! It’s so great to see the floats and decorations your neighbors cook up, or to make them yourself. A now 95-year old congregant of our church as been participating in our local St Patrick’s Day parade for decades he had

    • (Ugh dropped phone; ignore last couple of words). Anyway, she plays the accordion and her musical group is called The Crab-etts”. So you can imagine their G-rated costumes.

      • You’re right. My daughter and SIL knew a lot of the people there. It is fun to see what everyone thinks up.

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