A Lot of Random Stuff This Week

Can you believe that it is going to be over 100 degrees by the weekend …IMG_0163

…and  just four days ago it was in the 60’s-70’s with a thunderstorms…IMG_0164

…and hail?


The morning of the storm, when it was bright and sunny out I saw that a big branch of this weeping willow had broken during the night–not storm related. It’s hard to tell from this photo, but where that big space is with sun shining through–that is where the branch was.


The sheep made quick work of the leaves up to the height they could reach.


Big event–my husband retired last week. I was worried that he would wear out his end of the couch, but after getting over a bad cold, he’s been outside spending time doing Stuff That Needs Doing.IMG_0191-2

One of those things is cutting tree branches that block the view from the driveway.


In the sheep world, we’re getting ready to go to Black Sheep Gathering next week, so that means halter breaking lambs. A few Farm Club members have come over to help. That sheep is not hurt or dead. She is just protesting.


This is a blurry photo of the back of a ram lamb’s head. What it shows is two horns on the right that are growing close together. Ideally Jacob sheep have symmetrical, balanced horns. I’ll wait and see how that 5th horn is going to grow out.


I put a 40-yard warp on the Schacht loom and cut off 12 baby blankets. There are more to go but I needed to get some of these done. That reminds me I need to contact someone who ordered pink blankets.


New items in the shop and on the website soon. These just came–Schacht flick carder, tapestry beater, and weaving cards.

I wanted to finish the warp on the AVL. The computer that is attached to it decided to update itself. This is a PC and everything else I do is on a Mac. I don’t remember the PC world at all.


This message had me really frustrated. I can’t weave on that loom if I can’t get the computer and the loom to talk to each other. With trial and error I finally got it going again, but I have no faith that it will work when I turn it on the next time.


So I stayed out there at the loom until I finished that warp so that at least I have some time to work with it if there is another problem.


3 thoughts on “A Lot of Random Stuff This Week

  1. The error message is about probably about the COM port (the serial port) that communicates to the dobby through that serial cable you had to replace last year. Perhaps the update caused the port assignments to move around, and you might have to call it COM3 or COM2 or COM5 instead. If there is a settings menu for the dobby software you might be able to detect where the dobby is from there.

  2. I know willow bark is a source of aspirin. I guess eating willow leaves won’t hurt the sheep?

    My cats flop like that lamb when I (so far, unsuccessfully) try to persuade them to walk on a halter and leash. It’s annoying and funny at the same time.

    Good luck staying comfortable in the upcoming heat! At least it’s not humid where you are (is it?).

    • They love the willow leaves and bark. Don’t know if it’s easing the arthritis of the old ones.

      The trick when first working with those lambs is to try and give just a bit on the rope as they pull back. Then they work to get their feet under them so as not to fall over. But it doesn’t always work that way.

      No, we have Dry Heat which is better than humidity. But we also have Wet Cold–so our 32 degree cold seems colder than places where it may be snowing.

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