MJ Adventure Team Goes to MD-Day 1

Almost a year ago I told my Farm Club friends that I had always wanted go to to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. And here we are in Maryland and the Festival is this weekend.


Five of us made the trip. That’s Mary, Dona, and Kathleen. Chris was in a different row.


Coming into Baltimore. Lots of green.


We just signed for the rental car, a mini-van (although the clerk tried to steer us away from the soccer-mom look)…


…and we were able to choose from several models. This one had enough space for our luggage and comfortable seating.

With me at the wheel and Chris (and Siri) handling navigation we made it to our first stop, about an hour from the airport. We had arranged to visit “opallady” who is an avid participant in the Meridian Jacobs Spinzilla and Tour de Fleece teams on Ravelry.


We had never met Adrienne in person but she had invited us to her beautiful home for dinner.


Here we also met Rana Kitty, who plays a supervisory role in Adrienne’s spinning endeavors and is quite popular on the Ravelry threads.


Adrienne invited us to try out her wheels. This is a double treadle wheel with two flyers! That means that two spinners can spin at a time



Most of the wheels live downstairs…


…where Rana Kitty spends a lot of time.


We could have spent more time but wanted to get to our AirB&B before dark. We’ll see Adrienne again at the festival. We thought it would be a good idea to figure out where the lights and wiper switches were before getting on the highway, but had to get out the manual to know for sure about this brand new van with an automatic headlight feature.IMG_9290

We made it to our house near the town of Frederick where we found complimentary wine and fruit waiting for us.


Stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “MJ Adventure Team Goes to MD-Day 1

  1. D > Mary’s gets top prize for smiling! This looks a real treat or a trip. Fancy that, a wheel with two flyers so two can spin at the same time: but who’s doing the treadling? If just one, then that’ll be heavy footwork! Looks like Adrienne has quite a collection of wheels.

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