Farm Shots

Yesterday was the first day in several days that I didn’t have someone here or that I didn’t have to be somewhere else. These are random photos taken during that time.


Walking with the dogs Across the Road. Beautiful green fields and blue sky.


The irrigation water is on and the ditches are full. This is Ginny’s first jump of the season.

On Thursday I presented a program to Black Sheep Handweavers Guild that meets in Woodside, south of San Francisco. I figured out why the guild invites their speaker to meet for dinner prior to the meeting. If you get together at 5:30 that means that means that the speaker is actually there and ready for the talk at 7:30. If a speaker tries to get to town at 7:00 chances are that she will never make it on time.


I allowed more than the 2 1/2 hours shown on my phone but traffic kept moving. That got me there ahead of schedule (even with a 9 minute nap in my car when I just had to pull over) and I had time to investigate a “vista point”. After driving through the Bay Area traffic I was pleasantly surprised to see this view.



Back on the farm the next morning…take a look at where I just took the electric net fence down.


I taught a Learn to Weave class on Saturday and Sunday. These are these new weavers first projects.


Yesterday I got back to skirting fleeces. Fandango’s fleece struck me as really nice. I’m loving the softness and loft, as well as colorIMG_9133

This morning the sheep went onto fresh pasture again. IMG_9091

The weeping willow tree is always a favorite.


It’s amazing what a little (or a lot) of rain will do for plants. I hope that when I start irrigating I can keep up the current momentum of this pasture. If the weather does as predicted (getting into the 80’s) I’ll need to irrigate soon.


Meanwhile… Over at the barn, Catalyst started bashing this fence after I put a wether on the other side.


Then the three rams decided to bash each other.


In the chicken house. These are the little ones. I still need to name them.


Don’t you think that this one deserves a name?



6 thoughts on “Farm Shots

  1. I think you should call the chicken ABE! (like Lincoln). ☺

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    Product Support Specialist
    Schacht Spindle Co.
    6101 Ben Place
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    1-800-228-2553 ext. 3

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  2. I love your blogs!!! Like a short story with illustrations 🙂 When I see it in my inbox I read it before anything else. Love the last chicken picture. Deserving of a name for sure!

    • Thanks for your comment. I like blogs that are mostly photos. This has become my like my scrapbook that I would never keep up with if it wasn’t for the computer. These chickens are so different from the others I’ve had because I made sure to handle them every day when they were little. It’s amazing what a minute or two of handling every day will do.

  3. Is that Gertrude?
    Beautiful photos! Nice to see such green grass. We had snow again last night. But spring is on the way.

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