Ladies in Waiting

Five more ewes to go–or there were when I took these photos yesterday.


Raquel’s due date is tomorrow.


So is Cascade’s.


I don’t have a date for Petra.


Trista is a yearling who missed her first lambing date so that puts her due in a couple of days.

1030 Jazz

Jazz was due today…


…and Onyx a couple of days ago. She lambed yesterday with triplets.


Ewes and lambs are on the other side of the fence from the pregnant ewes.



Isn’t that a cute face?


2 thoughts on “Ladies in Waiting

  1. The cutest face ever! Thanks for sharing your ewes and lambies! Just what I needed this morning. 🙂 Happy St Patty’s Day! Hope those ewes lamb soon!

  2. Such evocative pictures, brings spring time lambing and all the other lovely sights that let us know spring is just around the corner. Thanks, Robin for taking the time to photograph and post your photos.

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