Adventure in a Stairwell

Oooh! This sounds exciting… and maybe scary. Not really. But I came up with that idea while in said stairwell and thinking about Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher and all those other heroes who narrowly escape with their lives Every Time they are being chased.

This morning wrote a blog post about being at TNNA. We stayed on the 5th floor of the hotel. On Sunday I had a little extra time before getting to the show and I thought I’d go up to the top floor. After checking out the view from the 26th floor…


…ooops! Turns out its the one that I misidentified in the last post as the view from our room…I decided to take the stairs down. May as well get a little exercise even though gravity would do most of the work. (Notice that I hadn’t thought to take the stairs UP!)

I opened the door to the stairwell and there was a guy sitting on the floor facing away from the door. Beard. Backpack. I think that maybe he was writing something. That’s all I noticed because I thought that maybe I shouldn’t stare or otherwise engage…thinking about those books and movies. I started down the stairs.


Your typical stairwell, although cleaner than some. 8 steps.img_6229

8 more steps.img_6230

8 more steps. Sometimes at the landing I would make a turn clockwise just to keep from getting too twisted in one direction. img_6231

Sometimes I walked back up a flight just for the heck of it.



Things changed when I got to the first floor.


Surprise! Notice the blue barrier at the bottom. There is a swinging gate there. The door to the right…


…is this one. Guess I can’t go out there. So I went through the little blue gate.


There were three choices. Go down the next set of stairs or go through one of two doors.


Surprise again! Look at what is in Door #1.


Yes, it’s a chandelier among all the pipes.


This was next to Door #2. The door was closed and I didn’t open it.


I chose the blue stairs.


Another message of positive thinking. I chose not to go through that door because I kind of thought that I was where I wasn’t supposed to be.


Back up the pretty blue stairs…


…to what I recognized and through…


…the door to the second floor.


Uh oh! Do you ever open a door to a stairwell or the back door of a commercial building and wonder if you’ll ever get back in? Is that door locked from the other side? In this case I came through the door on the right, but wanted to make sure that the door on the left would really open or I’d be stuck forever in this little room with no window. Before the first door shut completely I made sure that the other door would open.


Whew! I made it into the safety of the hotel.

Please don’t judge me. I’ve told you before that I write blog posts in my mind all the time. You can be thankful that many of them never make it to the keyboard. But now you see how I sometimes amuse myself.



3 thoughts on “Adventure in a Stairwell

    • Well, it was a little different than my usual posts. Maybe it’s like when you look at the world through a macro lens. It all looks different. I guess you can come up with a story about anything.

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