Farm Club in the City Again

I have to look back at my blog posts to know how long it is that Farm Club members have been going to San Francisco for an annual one-night retreat. It seems that the first one was in 2011 so this is the seventh. As always we had a fabulous time.

Eight of us met at the NDGW home Friday afternoon (see this post for some views of this fabulous home) and then went to FC member Stephany’s  home in the Glen Park District of San Francisco.


Stephany and Ian invited us to see the recent addition to their yard, half of which has been inaccessible since they have lived there except for going half way around the block and through the property behind them.


This spiral staircase, which was lifted OVER their house by a crane a couple of months ago, gives them access to the upper level.



From the top of the staircase you cross this bridge to get to solid ground.


There is a spectacular view of the city and the bay and Stephany and Ian have a wonderful garden spot with a sunny exposure that is often above the fog line.


After enjoying afternoon snacks with Stephany she led us on an urban hike. The first point of interest was this tiny garden.


Only two blocks from Stephany’s home we saw the 78-acre Glen Canyon Park.


I had no idea that something like this exists in the middle of San Francisco.




Note the rock climbers on the smooth face of that rock.


This is us on the other side of that same rock.



We walked a loop trail and returned to Stephany’s for more scones and brownies. We had dinner at Green Chili Kitchen, only a block from the NDGW Home…


…and spent the rest of the evening knitting and spinning in the parlor.


Janis showed off her snazzy handspun/handknit socks modeled after the sheep-motif Baable Hat.


Three of us are knitting the Fleece Flight KAL.  Mary is working on the third triangle. Stephany’s is in blue and mine is the small one in Jacob wool.

Our plan for Saturday was to have No Plan.


Well, there was one plan. Every year we have lemon pie for breakfast. We have bought pies across the street but this year Janis offered to bake them. I think this is now our regular routine. Lemon meringue, blackberry, and apple. Way to go, Janis!!


The serving line. We each had a piece of all three pies. Of course.


And while not eating pie we chatted and worked on projects. Amy almost finished a sock…


…and I made progress on my Fleece Flight shawl.

What an inspiring, fun 24 hours. We may expand this to a whole weekend next year.


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