Orchard Trails

It’s dry enough now to ride my bike Across the Road. I take Ginny to try and wear her out a bit. Yesterday I took a different route and decided to veer off the road that borders a walnut orchard. I don’t know why I haven’t done that before–veering off the road. Maybe because at other times of the year it’s muddy or weedy (including puncture vine, also known as goats’ head that puncture tires and dog feet) or being harvested. Or because I’m not the sort of person that goes off the trail.

Maybe it’s that I am not a big fan of orchards in this area. Almond orchards seem to be taking over the valley and the landscapes that I love are hidden once the orchard has been in a couple of years.


Anyway, it was beautiful view from within the orchard.









However, I still love the broad landscape that is outside the orchard. This is one of the few black walnut trees remaining around the fields.


The mountains are almost obscured by the young almond orchard  that is across the big canal but at least I can still see the sunset.


One thought on “Orchard Trails

  1. I grew up in Colusa and know what you mean by the loss of the landscape. Although I now live in Florida, as does my daughter who went to Davis, the love of the valley views remains deep in our hearts.

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