Sheep on the Road

This is a blog post that I meant to write a few months ago following our summer Road Trip to Colorado. While traveling I took photos of sheep I saw along the way. I forgot about this until I was going through photos tonight for another project.


This was a band of sheep on the way to Bodie, a ghost town in Mono County, California. There are more photos of them in the post that is linked above.

So not all hardly any of the sheep I saw were alive. That doesn’t mean they weren’t impressive however.


A bighorn ram outside the visitor center at Arches National Park.


Another ram inside the gift store.

dsc_0919Petroglyphs seen on one of our hikes in the park…


…and  a license plate in the parking lot (not a sheep, but I thought a mountain goat was cool anyway).


After hiking all day in the park we stopped at the visitor center to fill up our water jugs and spent a little time with this ewe and lamb.


Maybe it is a stretch but this is a photo of Sheep Mountain on the way to Leadville, Colorado.


One of the old buildings in Leadville. OK, so it’s not sheep, but it’s fiber related, right?


Also on a street in Leadville.


In the restaurant where we had lunch (another mountain goat)…


…and in one of the old hotels on the main street.


I’d sure love to have brought home this ram…


…but that price tag on his leg says $2900 (marked down from $4770).


This print was on the wall of our motel room in Leadville.


Somewhere on the road after leaving Leadville.


On the way home we saw sheep and some other fiber animals in a few places but I was always too late with the camera. I barely caught these yaks. With the exception of the first day, this was not a sheep-watching trip (at least not live sheep). The last sheep photo I got was one that Dan pointed out to me:


An anticlimactic photo of sheep on the road.


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