Consolidating Breeding Groups

For almost four weeks I’ve had sheep in five different breeding groups plus a non-breeding group. It doesn’t take long before I’m tired of dealing with that. By last Friday all the ewes were marked and very few were being re-marked so it was time to pull out a few rams.


Dragon, this 4-horn ram, went back to his farm up the rad from here. Buster went with him to finish up the job there. Joker went back to the ram pen with Marv (after spending a couple of days in the “buddy-up” pen, or “jail” as I also think of it.


Faulkner was a lucky ram who got to stay out with his ewes for another month or so. However, he knew that something was going on in the barn and thought that maybe he should really have a few more ewes on his side of the gate.


All the rest of the ewes were consolidated into one group and spent some time meeting and greeting.


How are you Fran? Did you hear what happened to…?”


What is that scent you’re wearing?…Who have you been hanging around?





Catalyst is the Jacob ram who stayed out with the ewes. He spent some time introducing himself to the ewes who had been in the other groups but they all ignored him.


Here is he after another couple of ewes were turned into the field.



Happy boy even though he’s not seeing any action.


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