Hug a Sheep Day

Hug a Sheep Day originated a few years ago at Punkin’s Patch and we think its a great idea! We were a little concerned with the forecast (rain from midnight through noon, then clearing). We went ahead with plans and didn’t see rain all day.  In fact the sun came out and the welcome rain from the previous week had cleared the sky, washed away the dust, and started the grass growing. Beautiful!


Farm Club friends came early and helped set up pens and find the huggable sheep. Jade will follow you anywhere for a chin scratch.


Jazz likes those scratches too.


This is Jade and Jazz both lined up for attention.


Jazz is probably the most huggable sheep here.



Spinners enjoyed the wonderful weather and the camaraderie.


Alison is wearing her handspun 4-ply Jacob vest. Notice the very cool felt Christmas stocking in the background. Jackie was here with her Sheep-to-Shop booth but I didn’t get good photos of that.


Claire is a friend I’ve known since we were in college in Davis in the 70’s.


I kind of like this photo because it shows a lot about the marketing of a small sheep farm. Alison and Stephany are both Farm Club members, Alison is wearing yarn from the fleece she bought several years ago, Stephany is knitting more yarn, and she bought a skull, and of course there is the sheep ready to be shorn again in a few months.


At the end of the day we decided there should be a group hug, although I realize now that this was more of a group picture than a group hug.


Next year we’ll make sure we all get in on the hug part.


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