She’s Two Today!

So many cute photos. I may have to do more than one post.

I can use more photos if I make a mosaic. A lot of firsts for Ginny at two months old. First meet-up with the big dogs. First Christmas tree. First time in the barn. First visit to the vet.

Still two months old. Running in the fog. Spending time in the shop with spinners. Playing with Rusty and Maggie and conquering branches.

ginny-2-5-months-1Ginny and her lamb.

ginny-2-5-months-3Ginny and her moose.

ginny-7-months-1Ginny at 7 months with the favorite Toy.ginny-7-months-2


ginny-7-5-months-1Ginny not so happy after her little operation so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what might happen while I was going to be gone for two weeks.ginny-10-months-1At 10 months Ginny discovered that she wasn’t a big fan of drones.ginny-11-monthsFirst herding lesson at Sheepdog Debbie’s place (Herding-4-Ewe) just down the road.

ginny-1-year-2Ginny’s first birthday.dsc_3301

Ginny at two years old. Rusty will post some photos in his blog post of Ginny’s recent lesson at Sheepdog Debbie’s.



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