No Time to Blog

What do all these photos have in common? They are all topics that I want to blog about. But I’ve been from one adventure to another and am off again pretty soon. I hope I get to tell all these stories (including the rest of my Road Trip) before too long.

Maybe there should be a contest. Anyone who tells a story that incorporates all of these images (any order) can be entered. Write a paragraph and put it in the comments or send me an email me at robin@meridianjacobs. com (I can’t seem to make this a live email link) and I’ll either choose my favorite or do a random drawing for a prize. How about a Meridian Jacobs bag? Or a T-shirt? Go for it!!!













2 thoughts on “No Time to Blog

  1. Just for fun:Meridian Jacobs story 7-29-16In looking at these ancient cliff dwellings I cannot help but imagine the people that once occupied them and compare my own life, here in the 21 st century, to theirs. I see the colorful flowers for their beauty, they probably had a particular medicinal use for the same plant. We climb on our heavy, farm equipment to get work done and they labored for many more hours using their human strength to get tasks finished. I wonder how these ancient people managed their livestock. Did they have dogs, like ours, trained to move them from place to place? We have the common knowledge of using animal wool to make clothing or blankets. Perhaps they discovered that those flowers could create dyes for the fibers. How did they travel? What did they hunt? Who protected their lands? Did they use fire for more than cooking? Were their animals like our pets? My ancient brethren, thank you for what you have taught us through the ages. Carol Davis,SonomaSent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

    • Thanks for responding, Carol. You are the winner. Would you like a Meridian Jacobs apron or a shirt? Email me and I’ll send you a link to photos of those items.

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