Road Trip to Colorado-Day 1


We just completed our annual Road Trip. Last year it was to see my daughter and her family in Texas, exploring Arizona and New Mexico on the way. If you’re interested the blog posts about that trip start with this one. This year the goal was  to meet up with my husband’s brother and sister in Leadville, Colorado on July 9 and do some site-seeing and camping along the way.


I do use my iPhone for maps and interesting info along the way, but it doesn’t do you much good when the phone says “no service”, which it did a lot on this trip. Besides we like to follow along with the detail in these map books as we’re driving. They are also invaluable at finding places to camp along the way.


We started east on Hwy. 50. I always get a kick out of this sign when entering Sacramento.


I’m glad that Dan likes to do most of the driving because it leaves me free to watch scenery and take photos from the truck. This was another journey for the old green truck.


This is some of the evidence of last year’s fires in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

East side of Sierras

We joined up with 395 on the east side of the Sierras. Beautiful. Most of the country on the east side is considered the high desert, but the West Walker River is at the base of the mountains and other creeks flow out of the mountains that are east of the highway. The valley is lush and this is cattle country.


Our plan was to first visit Bodie, and old mining town in Mono County, California. Bodie had been a favorite haunt of Dan’s dad and he wanted to check it out.

Disclaimer: Let me say here that a lot of my travel photos are DBP (Drive-By-Photography). Some are from the open (or maybe not) side window and some are through the bug-splattered windshield.  I’d rather read (and write) blog posts that are more photos than text, so I’m using what I have. Even my good photos will never be National Geographic quality, but these posts are about the story. So here we go.


We turned off of 395 onto Bodie Road (270). The country is mostly desert, but again, where there is water the desert is kept away. I was excited to see sheep on the way to Bodie. This was not a fiber trip, but sheep are always a good sign. I tried counting these from a photo and I think there are about 600 sheep with 4 guardian dogs and a herder. They were moving up this valley when we drove to Bodie. (The next post will  be about that.)


When we left Bodie two hours later the sheep were back in the middle of the valley and had been going to water in an irrigation ditch at the right of the photo. They were moving away from the ditch and back into the valley. We stopped and watched awhile.


When I enlarged the photos I could see about 17 black-faced rams in with the ewes.


The band started moving up the valley on it’s own but that was obviously not the plan the herder had. He and his Border Collie walked out to the road and up in front to cut them off. The Border Collie turned them while the guardian dog in the center of the photo went to get a stray.

Near Bodie

But back to Bodie. Here is the landscape without water.


Stay tuned for the next post.


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