Miscellaneous Views at BSG

The last three blog posts have been about Black Sheep Gathering but, wait! There is more!


My tent.I have had this tent for 35 years and wasn’t sure that the rainfly was waterproof. I don’t think I’d want to be in a major storm, but it was adequate for the light rain the first night of camping.


I spent some time on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning watching the wool show.Martin judging

Martin Dally  is entertaining as well as knowledgable. He explained what he was doing throughout the show and even let the audience come up to see and feel the fleeces after he finished with a class.

Merino fleece

Colored Merino fleece.

Merino fleece-2

White Merino fleece.

Corriedale fleece

Corriedale fleece that won the overall best white fleece.

Then to the vendor hall where I took shots of color, texture, and other things that caught my eye.

Art yarn

Hooked rug


Mohair locks

Horn helmet

Reindeer pelt

These are reindeer hides.

There is also a Fiber Arts contest.IMG_2227

Moo-shoe pork

This one is called Moo-Shoe Pork. Look closely at the feet.


Back in the barn, this felted banner was made by Jackie, Farm Club member and friend who’s business is Sheep to Shop.


I got a late start home on Sunday (the next post) but made my ritual stop at the Mt. Shasta overlook just before dark. I love that mountain…and I love California.


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