Glimpses of the Farm

Slowly by surely I am trying to get organized with Lightroom, my new photo software. Does learning new software count up there as a stressor along with changing jobs, spouses, or health issues? Here are some random photos taken over the last month while doing chores.


Our new signpost on the way to the barn, in case visitors are unsure of where they are. Not really. It is on the way to the barn but was constructed by my husband for the memorial service we had here for his dad. Our birthplaces are at the top, followed by parents’, siblings’, and our kids’ birthplaces or current locations.

Dog toy on roof

Speaking of the barn I call this Dog Toy on the Roof.


Wood from a tree my son took down for us.

Brewers blackbird

Brewer’s Blackbird feasting on mulberries.

Western kingbird

I think I got this ID right–Western Kingbird.

11056 Hot Lips

This is Hot Lips making an announcement.


Ginny hoping to be called into service.


Did I mention when I got the tractor stuck? This is a dry field, or it’s supposed to be. There must be a leak in a pipe and this corner is sopping weight. I was mowing foxtails and made a tight turn to do a thorough mowing job as far into the corner as I could.

Tractor stuck

Do you see that the mower on the back of the tractor is right up at the fence on one side and the bucket is resting on a fencepost. There is no way to maneuver this thing out.


Dan spent about an hour jacking and digging…


…and jacking and digging, each time trying to wedge another board under. Every time he’d remove the jack to wedge in another board the weight of the tractor rested on  the fence post which creaked ominously.  The boards that the jack was on kept squishing down in the mud, but eventually he got the wheel up to almost ground level. Still, there was no way to drive the tractor out without some help.


My 2-wheel drive pick-up was called into service and Dan chained it to the tractor. When he put the tractor in gear the truck gave just enough assistance, pulling sideways, so that the tractor wheel got out of the hole and onto dry ground.



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