The Main Event

The girls were beautiful, the guys were dressed (see last post), and it was time for the wedding. After enjoying sunny skies at the beginning of the week we were a bit concerned about the weather forecast. The prediction changed daily whether or not it would be partly sunny, partly cloudy, or mostly cloudy, and whether there was a 10% or 50% chance of rain, and would that rain come Friday or hold off until Saturday.IMG_1408

I don’t have photos of the actual procession or ceremony but there are plenty on Facebook now. The classic has to be when, after trying to get Flower Girl #2 (Kirby) to walk up the short aisle, Daddy carried her down the aisle spreading flowers from Kirby’s basket as he went.


It was a beautiful ceremony with a beautiful couple. Afterwards there were all the official photos.


Kirby was willing to be included in these…well, sort of. She was focused on picking up all the flower petals.


My kids and their spouses.




While the wedding party was busy with photos guests played games and used the photobooth. Dinner was served. Chris pointed out that his family sat at Tables 1 & 2 and the other 14 or so were Meryl’s family (and other friends). His point was that he was glad to become part of such a large family. But the practical aspect of that turned out to be that Tables 1 through 4 had been served dinner and then the huge dark clouds that we had been watching come in from the northwest let loose. The rain was intense and everyone made for the house, which was supposed to be for only the bridal party and not all the guests and certainly not for food. (Later the owner of the venue told us that she made an exception because of how pleasant, responsible, and easy-to-work-with our kids and their friends had all been.)


As thunderstorms do, this one passed, leaving things wet and soggy. Chairs were wiped off and the festivities continued, albeit cold and windy. (I had loaded the car with blankets and jackets in anticipation.)

DSC_9708 DSC_9697

Kirby (or her parents) had the foresight to bring appropriate clothing in case of rain.


A little rain didn’t stop the dancing.

DSC_9685 DSC_9688

Kirby took her Dad to the dance floor.




Chris’ new grandma was given a seat at the bridal party table.


Speeches were made.


The cake(s), made by a special friend, were cut. Chris wanted chocolate and Meryl wanted white. So there were three cakes, one with a big C and a Starwars quote (“I love you…I know”), one with a big M and a Harry Potter quote (“Always”), and a marbled cake to cut together.


The storm had made for perfect conditions for photos…IMG_1495

…including those at sunset.

These are just a sampling of the photos that I took, but there are so many more taken by friends and family to help us remember this wonderful occasion. I’ve seen hundreds on Facebook already–isn’t the digital age wonderful when used in this way?


4 thoughts on “The Main Event

  1. Congratulations to one and all Robin. Your chicks are fully fledged – may rainbows forever dance on you & your loved one’s shoulders.

    Love, Claire

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