Wedding Day Morning

On-site preparations began the day before but there was still plenty to do on the morning of the wedding.


No shoe polish? No problem.


The tables were decorated.IMG_1358

The kids’ table included bubbles,and crayons.


Pictures were hung.


Games were arranged.

While all the preparations were being made outside…IMG_1326

…upstairs in the Bride’s Room there was a bustle of activity. Two professional hairdressers were kept busy…


…while others did their own hair and make-up.


Flower-girl, Tatiana, waited patiently for the time to get dressed.


Meanwhile, downstairs, …


…the guys didn’t seem too concerned about getting ready.


Eventually it was time and they all cleaned up very nicely. There seemed to be some confusion about what to do with the pocket squares, but they mastered the folding technique by watching a YouTube video.IMG_1374

Inspection time for the pocket squares.


Back upstairs, Flower Girl #1 got help with her bow.


Flower Girl #2 skipped the morning activities, staying with Daddy and the other grandma and getting through naptime uneventfully. She showed up in time to get dressed, but took some convincing to participate.


We gave up on the pretty white shoes with the bows in favor of the purple crocs. It was a big step for her to hold the bouquet, however temporarily.


While the women were making their final preparations Kirby found the room set up for photo shoots. She made herself right at home there.


Ready to go!


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