Getting Ready

Getting ready for a wedding. The kids worked for  for months on this…and that included having to change venues, due to no fault of their own, six weeks prior to the wedding. Then it was the day before.

IMG_1288Chris built one 8-foot and two 10-foot tables for the use of the wedding party. He also made assorted game pieces and a very cool guest sign-in board.DSC_9630Chris getting advice from his sister.DSC_9604More advice. Stout tables.DSC_9578Some of the bridal party who helped the day before. They were all there–what a great group of friends Chris and Meryl share.DSC_9610Table inspection by the resident cat…DSC_9634…who, having done his (her?) job, needed a nap.IMG_1311Wedding rehearsal. I didn’t get all the guys in the photo because I was seated in my mother-of-the-groom chair.DSC_9599The girls minus the bride.

Kirby was there also. She was a bit worried when Uncle Matt put her purple Crocs on his feet, but she recovered quickly once she got them back. Do you know how many more cute photos there are of Kirby? But I’ll restrain myself.IMG_1314Meryl’s parents hosted a dinner the night before the wedding and here are my three beautiful daughters!




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