Another Season

I talk repeatedly about seasons. Lambing Season. Breeding Season. Spring, etc. There is another. Baby Bird Season just ended.IMG_0962This is one of several Brewer’s Blackbirds’ nests in the barn. This one is on a convenient shelf just over my  lambing calendar. I’ve read that Brewer’s blackbirds eat seeds, grains, and insects.DSC_9384However, our blackbirds do quite well on the mulberry tree that overhangs the ram pen and is loaded with mulberries right now. IMG_1051This bird hatched on April 30. Anytime we walk in the barn, the parents harass us relentlessly.IMG_1061This photo was taken two days later on May 2.IMG_1114May 6.IMG_1120May 8. They grow quickly.IMG_1122This is May 9. The first baby is 9 days old.IMG_1179May 12. Out of the nest. There is a day or two when I find babies out of the nest. The parents are frantic. Maggie needs to be restrained because she is truly a varmint dog. She things that anything small and alive is fair game for her.

Now the birds are out of the barn. I don’t know if there will be a second crop. Last year I felt as though Baby Bird Season lasted a lot longer.


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