Tonight I searched  my thousands of photos for Lambskin #563.2-P-563Found it. I needed to get it on the website since it is now here for sale. But look what else I found! This is just a small selection of memories.Benny and Flash-1999-3001999. Flash, my first Border Collie, who helped with dairy cows, and Benny who we got as a puppy when we first moved to our current location.


This was a sheep that I think was named Dora. I found her sleeping with a chicken. I wonder if that is our little chicken that is still here. It could be-I’ve been trying to figure out how old that chicken is. 

Grave markers for Noacks & mom

The grave markers for my mom (Jean) and her sister (Louise), her parents, and now my uncle. This is near Stockton.

DSC_5563A gorgeous wedding day in Vermont.DSC_8563Amaryllis.DSC_5631A  line-up of the girls plus Faulkner, the BFL ram.DSC_5636Rusty moving sheep.DSC_2563 (1)My tent when backpacking on the Lost Coast a few years ago.IMG_1564.jpgTaken 4 years ago. Look who got in with the big boys!DSC_4346 - Version 2Speaking of big boys, this is a bear that Dan and came across when hiking in Grand Tetons National Park. She has a cub nearby and didn’t back down. Black bear or grizzly? We were never sure. We assumed it was a black bear but some people who saw they photo said grizzly.IMG_3563My granddaughter taken about a year ago. That’s the “little chicken”. Could that be the same one as in that photo with the sheep?DSC_3144I took this photo in December when we were with all my kids and their spouses in Hawaii.

That’s #563. I could spend all evening here if I keep looking for other numbers.


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