Tiny Things

The other day I saw this on the ground…DSC_8526…and was inspired to change to my 40 mm micro lens. Then I walked around looking at things through that lens. Some are tiny and some not so tiny, depending on the view.GrapesGrapes just forming.DSC_8529The rope part of Ginny’s Toy.SheoakDried up “cone” from sheoak tree.Sheoak (1)That “cone” on the tree.SkullCan you guess this one? Answer below the next photo.RedwoodThis is the new growth on the redwood tree. That photo above is the joint in a ram skull.roseRose.BottlebrushThis bottlebrush is covered with flowers this year.Bottlebrush (1)This is what is left from last year’s flowers.DSC_8572Chain.Blackberry flowerI took the camera Across the Road too. This is a blackberry flower.Hoverfly on blackberryHoverfly on a blackberry leaf.Grass flowerGrass flowering.Buckeye flowerBuckeye flowers.

This lens isn’t just good for close-ups. I got some fun photos of Ginny jumping for her Toy in the canal. Those will be in Rusty’s blog as soon as I can get him to come in the house and work on it..


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