Another Morning & More Sheep Photos

This morning I was going to take three sheep to be shorn at a friend’s house. These three were born at the State Fair in July last year and I didn’t want to shear them at our early February shearing. So I went out to take photos of the ram so that I’d have photos in full fleece for registration paperwork. Then I got carried away with other sheep portraits.15078 rightThis is the 9 month old ram. He needs a name.NashThis is Meridian Nash. These rams have the same sire so I don’t need both. I think this one will be for sale.RingoPuddleduck Ringo is also for sale. I have used him for two seasons and he needs to move on.RotorMeridian Rotor. 16002Isn’t this a beautiful stylish ewe lamb? She was born a month before everyone else because the ram lambs weren’t weaned soon enough. Too bad I don’t know her sire. Her very cute baby pictures with her brother are in this post.16041Lamb in early morning light. Meridian Vanessa x Meridian Rotor.16075BFL-cross lamb. Love those BFL faces.16046I’m keeping this lilac lamb. Mud Ranch’s Foxglove x Meridian Nash.DSC_8427Not sheep, but the sunflowers Across the Road.



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