CNCH 2016

The Conference of Northern California Handweavers (CNCH for short) is in Modesto this year and I have a booth. I wish I had taken photos of all the “before” but I didn’t think of that until I was facing my booth after getting everything out of the trailer. The “before” would have been of weaving samples to show off the new yarns in projects, making signs, setting up pasture fences so that it’s easy for Other People to take care of sheep, tearing my shop apart to box up the things I’m taking, and even backing the trailer into a loading dock with a curb on one side and a car on the other and blocking 3 lanes of traffic while doing it. The other is a lot of work, but that last one is the most stressful. Thanks, Henry Clemes, for moral support and rights and lefts.IMG_0575This photo doesn’t do justice to the pile of stuff. Most of them are still out in the aisle. A couple of people stopped by and were amazed that I actually fit it all in. What you don’t notice in the photo because of the black drapes are the 16 gridwall panels that create the booth. Those get heavier every year.IMG_0583I got to Modesto about 4:30 p.m., worked until 8:40 on Thursday and then from about 9:30 to 1:30 today. The show opened at 2.  Here is a tour of my booth:IMG_0584Rusty’s Yarn faces the aisle.IMG_0586On the 3-grid tower in the middle I have the Meow and Woof yarns…IMG_0587…Sprout yarns…IMG_0588…and Mountain Meadows, all fingering weight yarns with sample scarves.IMG_0589Around the inside of the booth is the Timm Ranch yarn with blankets I wove and Mary’s beautiful shawl. There are Jacob sheepskins too–only a few left.IMG_0593Moving to the left there is the Jacob yarn and Imperial Yarn Company’s “Anna”, a wool/cotton yarn that weaves up quickly (at 5 epi).IMG_0595Going around the back wall I have rigid heddle looms from Ashford and Schacht and the Ashford “Katie”, which is a wonderful very portable 8-shaft table loom.IMG_0596Purl & Loop Stash Blaster looms and Swatch Maker looms are brand new. Next to them are the Zoom looms with the critter kits that use squares made on the them.IMG_0599Coming around the corner I have photo notecards, buttons, and Meridian Jacobs bags and aprons.IMG_0601I have added to the horn buttons. My son helped finish off another batch.IMG_0602Last there is Cormo Sport yarn dyed by Sincere Sheep. You can see one of the samples that I wove. It is incredibly soft and spongy (not a good wool term, but is it better than squishy? I probably need a different adjective, but it’s late.) I brought Power Scour, etc with me but barely found room for a few bottles.

I left an awful lot home but tried to bring mostly things that I didn’t think other vendors would have. I left home books and most of the equipment and had to gamble on which yarns to bring. I hope that tonight’s TV news coverage of the “yarn bombing” in Modesto (that I haven’t seen but heard about) will bring customers to the show tomorrow and make this all worthwhile.



7 thoughts on “CNCH 2016

  1. Amazing booth and displays! I love the Meow and Woof Yarns! Rusty’s is so special! All this weaving… So, so beautiful… no.must.stay.forcused.

  2. So enticing! If I had been there, I would have stayed in your booth so long you would have begun to worry that I had nefarious purposes, but I would just be looking carefully and longingly at every item! 🙂

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