Youth Ag Day

Last week two Farm Club members and I took sheep to the Solano County Fairgrounds for the annual Youth Ag Day.IMG_9868This event is attended by almost 3000 third graders and their teacher and parent helpers.IMG_9939I was amused by this sign.IMG_9867Kids are exposed to everything involving agriculture.IMG_9869A variety of local volunteer groups, agencies, and 4-H/FFA members bring exhibits and hands-on activities.IMG_9897Kids sat in bleachers while learning about dairy products and dairy cows.IMG_9931This 4-Her had labeled the parts of her horse.IMG_9933There was even a roping demonstration. There were also herding dogs, police dogs and horses, and dozens of other activities over the whole fairgrounds.IMG_9936This equipment is what they use to shake nut trees, but it was fun to see the leaves shake in this demo.IMG_9870We brought two ewes with month old and week old lambs. The morning started out calm.IMG_9887Kids enjoyed petting the lambs.IMG_9877But that was when the kids were just starting to get there.IMG_9927After awhile the ewes and lambs were stressed with the number of people and the noise level. So we talked to the kids, but didn’t handle the lambs anymore. Fortunately I had brought out tame sheep, Jade.IMG_9905I took her out on a halter and she loved the attention. I told the kids who were standing around watching that they could pet…IMG_9908…and pet they did…IMG_9924…feeling horns…IMG_9925…and wool.IMG_9910This sheep is amazing. IMG_9915When people wandered away she wanted more.IMG_9919Eventually her handler (me) got tired and put her away…IMG_9890…but she still hadn’t had enough.


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