Soft Scarves and a Soft Lamb

On Friday I wondered “what was I thinking?” when I set up a class for the middle of lambing time. Some days in the last two weeks I have spent most of the day in the barn but luckily the class went smoothly with only a few barn-check breaks while everyone was working on their looms.IMG_9554This was a class about weaving with rayon chenille, a yarn with a reputation of being difficult to work with.  I set up 4 warping frames on temporary structures and the fifth person used the one I have mounted on the wall.IMG_9581After the looms were warped and ready to go I was surprised that it wasn’t all that crowded with five looms. Each person chose a different combination of colors for their scarves:IMG_9578




IMG_9555We did take a barn break or two. One lamb was born during class and two more right afterward.IMG_9585Everyone finished weaving in the class time (although fringes will be finished at home) and all were pleased with their scarves.


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