Lambing-Day 2

Part of being in Farm Club is that you get a complete Lambing Journal report every night with all the nitty-gritty of what happened during the day. Sometimes it gets a little long-winded like today’s report. However my blog posts are usually mostly photos. I’m thinking about writing a post every day there are lambs, but realistically that may not happen. I don’t write one every day when there are NOT lambs, so I don’t know why I think I’ll have time to do it now.

And is this really Day 2 of Lambing? Day 1 was really a month ago when the surprise lambs were born. But I’m calling that the Prologue to lambing season. Or maybe it’s the Prequel. Anyway, I’m calling this Day 2.  Only two more ewes lambed but it seemed hectic, partly because it got complicated by a dog semi-emergency. Rusty described that in his blog post just a minute ago.Mae 16007-16008This is Mae, who lambed with twins a little after midnight.

Before I went in the house at 2 a.m. I put Athena in the lambing area because she didn’t look right and I figured that she was in labor. (A good sign that something was off was that she showed no interest in the grain I offered her as enticement to follow me in.)DSC_6142It’s a long story, but she probably had ketosis (pregnancy toxemia), fortunately in the early stages. After talking to my vet I got more proactive and pulled the lambs.DSC_6146That black lamb is 11.4 pounds and his brother is almost 8 pounds. The only other white lamb I’ve had sired the BFL ram was this same cross–Athena x Faulkner–and there was also one black and one white. After some careful watching and TLC (interspersed with dealing with Maggie) Athena seems to be doing fine.DSC_6087And how about a little more baby horse cuteness? I went down the road to visit this guy again. Here he is about 36 hours old. I got to pet him this time. So soft!


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