Meeting the Flock

There were unplanned lambs born January 23. I have kept those three lambs with their dams separate from the rest of the flock while it was raining and the sheep were in the barn area. DSC_5763Last week as it was drying out I put the flock on the pasture and then turned the new lambs out with them.DSC_5774One thing I watch for when putting lambs in the pasture for the first time is that they don’t get tangled up in the electric fence. DSC_5777I’m glad to see when they touch the fence because I know that they will have learned to avoid it.DSC_5776This looks worse than it was. The whole incident was very brief and then…DSC_5780…the nearby lamb was off and running.DSC_5783Bertha, one of the yearlings thought this looked like a good game…DSC_5784…so she kept up the chase.DSC_5789





DSC_5813Eventually this lamb found his mom who hadn’t been particularly concerned about him.DSC_5816

DSC_5827In the meantime the other two lambs stuck near their mom. I’m going to use colored tags again this year to give me more information about the lambs at a glance, mostly about sires. However, these first three have an unknown sire and the ram lambs (gorgeous as they are) have been banded. That’s what the red tags mean–wether.


One thought on “Meeting the Flock

  1. I think if I had a farm, I would never get anything done this time of year-lol. I’d just park my spinning wheel outside, and spin and watch the lambs play! Love those faces.

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