Fibershed Brainstorming

Yesterday I went to a meeting to discuss how to better use our Fibershed Marketplace and to find out what’s going on within our Fibershed. Part of the fun of the meeting was gathering at the Napa ranch of one of our members, Mary Pettis-Sarley.IMG_8979When I asked how many alpacas there are, Mary said between 150 and 200. They roam the hills on the ranch, accompanied by guardian dogs.IMG_8949This is one of the many ranch dogs that include guardian and herding dogs. We were told that this one is only 8 months old.IMG_8937Our meeting was in the greenhouse located near the field where the bucks live.IMG_8938This guy seemed pretty friendly.Twirl yarnBefore we started the meeting we admired each others fiber products. This is one of the Twirl yarns produced by Mary.IMG_8956This is what I brought to share–sheepskins, buttons, yarn, and shawls from my Jacob sheep. The new Timm Ranch yarn is at the lower left.Colleen's hatThis is a felted hat made by Colleen Simon using my Jacob fiber.IMG_8957Here is Jackie showing a newly carded batt…Jackie's felt…and this is a piece she felted from the wool of Vicki, one of my Jacob sheep.IMG_8954We were able to see the recently produced Wool and Fine Fiber Book. Each producer has a spread in which samples of their fiber is attached. These books will be circulated to designers and manufacturers who want to find out what kinds of fiber are available locally, how to contact the producers, and to learn how these fibers might be used in end products. This was an amazing undertaking by Fibershed.

Speaking of amazing things, we learned about the “projects” that Fibershed founder, Rebecca Burgess, has underway. I say “projects”  in quotation marks because really these are major undertakings and far beyond the scope of anything that I ever attempt. Rebecca is not only writing another book, but is working with the Wendell Berry Farming Center on hemp efforts in Kentucky, an initiative in California to legalize the growing of hemp for fiber use, research that is underway on waterless wool washing, and the carbon research project in which we can all participate by submitting soil samples from our farms. Whew!goat kidWhile hearing about all this we were also doing what Fibershed producers do best, eating and  baby animal snuggling. This is a two-day old kid who needs some TLC.Dog and kidOne of the dogs was feeling left out.Rebecca and kidEven Rebecca found some goat snuggling time.



3 thoughts on “Fibershed Brainstorming

  1. Well, another interesting tie in. My favorite Lamb Camp farm, Final Frontier Farm (where Liddy, Baba, Keebs, Lila and the Lamb Camp yarn came from) provided the wool for the hemp…blend. kbdoolin, Miss B and I did all the sorting on shearing day last spring and there was a movie crew and local news there and the day got the Sunday front page above the fold in the Lexington Herald Leader. I took a ton of pics but never got them posted :-(.

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