Shearing Day

We sheared on Sunday. What a gorgeous day for shearing (but hoping that the weather doesn’t continue this way–winter shouldn’t be over yet).IMG_8551The day before we were cleaning up the area around the barn and pushed the brush pile into the corral area where it’s safer to burn. The sheep thought that there might be something worth eating…IMG_8552…or scratching on. I didn’t want them ruining a whole year of wool growth the night before being shorn so it was time to move them to the barn.IMG_8559I called the dogs in and Ginny got to help with the big group.

Sunday:IMG_8561 Farm Club members are ready for action.IMG_8563First sheep.IMG_8566Mary is ready to grab and bag the fleece.DSC_5259Wait a minute. These sheep don’t look right.DSC_5264Cute, but not the right sheep.DSC_5257We started the day with 10 sheep from another farm.  We told John (shearer) that was his warm-up.IMG_8601-waiting for shearingWe got underway with the Jacobs. Farm Club members did all the work. Visitors watched. and I changed gates and moved sheep while playing with my camera.IMG_8572Here John is shearing Dazzle…IMG_8570 Amy and lamb…while Amy holds her lamb.IMG_8588 Peggy & CarolynI think this is my favorite photo of the day. Peggy and Caroline babysit twins while their mom is being shorn.



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